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Are you happy with your life or can it be improved? And what about the performance of your team, company or organisation?

*** Find your
unique strenghths and get a better life!
The basic idea with the HumanGuide concepts is that you should improve your self-knowledge. Why? Because the insights you get will give you much better ability to make good choices in your life. You can even assist other people to make good choices;-)

There are many ways to increase your self-knowledge. The obvious one is to continuously notice and analyse your own reactions and also other people's reactions in different situations. Another way is to notice and analyse other people's feedback. You can of course also ask for feedback...

What we offer here is to do our HumanGuide personality test, so you can deeper and more clear understand your personality and its consequences. There are of course other theories..., but we claim that the Eight boxes theory, which is the foundation for our test, is much more nuanced than most other theories/tests. Moreover, it is also very practical and pedagogical to use, because we offer many unique tools.

The insights you get can improve your life and also your cooperation with other people, because of the deeper understanding of their personalities via the HumanGuide concepts.

At first we now describe how you can gain from using the web app – and then the other web app – Both are bilingual (Swedish and English).

How to gain from these apps?

This app can be used, when you have done a HumanGuide personality test on-line. For that it is required that you have a test code. If you are interested to do our test, then you need to contact us via our website or email - the addresses you see in the bottom on this page. If you have done a HumanGuide PersonProfile, then you can look on it via this app. You can also make agreements with other people, so you both can see each other's profiles via this app. In this way you can also analyse your person chemistry, when you now in this way are connected to each other – via this app.

The app has also a very powerful function – to calculate the PassionIndex, this means to investigate how good match it is between someone's personality and a job, a culture or a person. This can give very good guidance before decisions – How to handle X?

Together this means the app can support in the following way...

When you have done the personality test, then you have the option to use this app for example to get a better understanding of your drives and needs plus their consequences. What you
like to do and what you don't like to do. Then it is easier to figure out a relevant job direction. Moreover, you can easier answer the following questions
– should I go for such a job? Should I take this job and then I will be happy for a long time?
– will I probably like the key people at my new job?
– based on my personality, who is a suitable coach for me?
– should I quit this job, because it gives me a low passionindex?

– suits the company's or country's culture well for my personality?
– how can I better handle conflicts with the person X, Y or Z?
– who is a good life partner for me – based on our personalities?
– how can I improve the relation with my lifepartner?
– how can I improve my relations in my family – including "coaching" my children?
– what can be a refreshing hobby for me?

– how can we improve our cooperation? And my team's cooperation with other teams?
– how can we support each other's personal development?
– how should we improve the staffing of the team?
– how can we better handle conflicts in the team?

– more simple to carry out teambuilding and onboarding
– better support when I am recruiting?
– better support when I am coaching of my personnel?
– better support when I handle conflicts
– easier to assess personnel for example, when they quit? What can I learn for the future?

– improve our recruitment e.g. make better personality demand specifications and by using our role models in some jobs...
– select better in our recruiting and staffing
– improve contiinuously the passionindex for
all our personnel, i.e. the match between their personality and their job. It gives high motivation and creates talents!
– develop and nurture the culture in our company/organisation? Also our trademark/-s?
– sustain our culture/trademark

This app is a part of the HumanGuide Cards, where the other part is a deck of cards with the same test questions as in the personality test on-line, but Cards has complementary purposes, which are

When someone like to do the test with some support. Then you do in the same way as testing on-line, but now off-line;-)

Together with the deck of cards, which is the core of the concept HumanGuide Cards, you can elaborate with the cards to figure out your interest areas or a suitable hobby, which could be refreshing to have.

In a team you can improve the cooperation by doing the exercise TeamPlay, which purpose is
– to increase the self-knowledge for all the team members
– to train to give and get feedback
– to give praise for the team member's personal development

– to increase the openness in the team and in this way get better team result
– to act prophylactic against conflicts in the team
– to train to use the personality theory Eight boxes

Look above for the other app.

Look above for the other app.

More info about the HumanGuide®-concepts - look at or buy the book "Let the Personality Bloom" via or, where you have the book as an eBook in English.

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