HumanGuide Cards

We have two web apps as support for those who use the HumanGuide® concepts. They are bilingual (Swedish and English)

The first one is used, when you have done a profile via our IT system. For that it is required that you have a test code. If you are interested to do our test, then you need to contact us via our website - the address you see on the bottom on this page. If you have dne such a profile, then you can look at it via this app. You can also make agrements with other people, so you can see each other's profiles. Moreover, you can analyse your person chemistry.

The other is used together with a deck of cards (our personality test in the deck of cards format) and then it is called HumanGuide Cards - more below.

In order to use the apps you need to log in. It is the same log in for both apps. You can get your data for log in either by doing our test via internet or by registration. In the first case you will get your log in data automatically in an e-mail.

HumanGuide Cards
You can either use HumanGuide Cards individually or together with other people. The objective is in both cases to increase self-knowledge. What can you gain from that? You can e.g. easier realize what tasks/jobs suit you best or is not so suitable.

Moreover, you will easier understand other people, which will support your cooperation with other people. And also the risks for conflicts will be considerably reduced…

HumanGuide TeamPlay

A play with other people (one function for Cards)
Here the objective is to investigate other's opinion of what you are good at! Moreover, you will train to give and get feedback.

HumanGuide Profile
To analyse yourself (another function for Cards)
Here you use all the cards in order to more carefully investigate the drives of the personality.

More info about the HumanGuide
®-concepts - look at or buy the book "Let the Personality Bloom" via