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The most obvious thing is to improve recruitment. There are many pitfalls. Every wrong recruitment means that you have got a problem maker of small or large scale. Many times difficult to fix – especially in the short term. Steve Jobs, Apple's founder, said: The first 10 hires determine whether the company will be a failure or a success.

Unfortunately, the most common use of a personality test, such as ours, is to only use the test result to rank candidates for a job. We think that's a shame, i.e. you don't get the full benefit of the time and cost spent. In our HumanGuide concepts, the core of which is our personality test, there are also concepts for

– team building and team development

– onboarding

– leadership development

- development of the business' brand and culture

In addition, several unique functions when it comes to recruitment.

Our competitors often strive to sell as many tests as possible. We offer something more: To develop the company/organization so that all (!) employees and leaders continuously receive a high PassionIndex. This means that the employees' personality has a good fit for their job. That they have a good match to the brand and the culture and a good collaboration with their colleagues.

Below we describe how. But first why choose our personality test?

Why should you choose the HumanGuide personality test?
A strong reason is that the underlying theory consists of eight basic dimensions, so you can make sharper conclusions, when choosing a suitable job or life partner, for example;-) Several tests on the market, for example DISC, only have four basic dimensions. Or the tests, which are based on the Five Factor Model (Big five), have only five.

The tests, which are based on the Big five model, also have the disadvantage that they are not based on any theory. This means that with a test result you can only give information about how someone will probably act in a certain situation, but not why. We can, through the underlying theory.

The HumanGuide concepts also differ in other ways, for example because it is not just a test, but because there are many types of support, when applying what has emerged from the test results. For example, we have this web app, which we will soon describe more. There is also the web app, which you can read more about by going to that address and clicking on the same button you just did;-)

In 2003, we also published the book
Let the Personality Bloom, as a support for personal development based on HumanGuide.

The test is now available in 15 languages. It is most widely used in Brazil – over 500,000 tests have been taken since 2010. The test was approved there in 2009 by SATEPSI, as the first of its kind, i.e. forced-choice and internet-based.

Recruitment and staffing
As already said, this area is critical when developing a business, because it can never be better than what its leaders and employees can perform.

Something that is very decisive for a successful recruitment is that you have a clear requirement specification for the personality. Otherwise, there is the risk that you, for example, choose someone you like. It is usually someone who resembles your own personality.

With the HumanGuide concepts, you can create a Job Profile to describe the desired personality. Even better is if there are others in the business who already have this job and they have taken the HumanGuide test, then you can take such test results into account when making the requirements specification. A big advantage of a solid and agreed requirement specification is that you determine faster a good ranking of the candidates for the job.

We also have our test in the format of a deck of cards. It is very practical as a tool for making a requirement specification, i.e. you register the selected cards in our IT system and then you have a well-established Job Profile.

We can also offer an ingenious way to check up references. Instead of having an interview with the reference person, they are asked to make a so-called X's PersonProfile via our system to give their view of the candidate. Differences in the candidate's view of his personality with the reference person's view are then analysed. Those differences are then mainly taken up with the reference person.

When someone has made a PersonProfile and been hired, it becomes easy to do a good onboarding, i.e. getting to know the new employee. And the employees in the business can show theirs. This is made even easier by our web app, which you can read more about below...

Team building and team development
When you understand the personality of others, it is much easier to cooperate. Unfortunately, many personal conflicts are due to a lack of understanding of the other's driving forces - the personality.

Here we can contribute with several practical tools, e.g

It is the compilation of two or more profiles, displayed as a column with room for eight per page. It can also be used when recruiting, for example, a Job Profile and PersonProfiles for interesting candidates.

These are available in the form of a participant sign or in the same way digitally in the web app, as described below.

Link their PersonProfiles in the web app, as below.

It is a document in which everyone’s strongest and second strongest factors are shown, i.e. the core factor and the co-factor.

Leadership development
When you use the HumanGuide concepts within a business, it means that all managers get access to a practical toolbox for e.g.

– conflict management

– coaching

– recruitment

– onboarding

– etc

Development of the brand and the culture of a business
After all, it is people who create and nurture both the brand and the culture of a business. Well... Sometimes it happens as it does, i.e. this is not done deliberately and then it is chance that decides. More and more realize that this must be done deliberately, for example regarding employer branding. Importantly, the brand and the culture are two sides of the same coin.

The HumanGuide concepts can contribute to the conscious development and care of culture. Then you use CultureProfiles. Of course, these do not include all the details, but they can quickly provide an overview, which can then be used as a platform for communication.

The app is bilingual (Swedish and English), which you can set when you are logged in. If you have received a login for the web app, you can use it here as well. Otherwise, you must register on this login page to log in.

Basically, this app is based on having access to HumanGuide Cards, which consists of the test in deck format and this app. The app is a support for the use.

The app mainly has these two basic functions

- to use the deck of cards for e.g. the TeamPlay exercise and other exercises

- to make different types of profiles, e.g. Job Profiles, which will become a requirement specification for recruitment or staffing

Have the purpose

- to develop cooperation in a team

– to practice both giving and receiving feedback (NOTE! All cards have a positive content, so basically you give yourself and others praise;-)

- to increase everyone's self-knowledge

- to briefly learn the useful personality theory Eight boxes

When you are done with TeamPlay, each participant has eight cards, which can be registered in the app and thus produce a rough PersonProfile based on the personality theory.

When doing TeamPlay, the app provides access to a thesaurus as a support.

Make a PersonProfile, JobProfile and CultureProfile

Then a complete test can be done with all 72 cards. The selected cards can then be registered in the app to produce a profile. The cards can also be registered directly into our regular HumanGuide IT system.

Other functions

The app also provides access to the same personality dictionary with advice, which is available in the web app

The app can be used when you have taken a HumanGuide personality test online. To do that, you must have a test code. If you are interested in taking our test, you must contact us via our website or email - you can see the addresses at the bottom of this page. If you have created a HumanGuide PersonProfile, you can view it via this app. You can also agree with other people, so both of you can see each other's profiles through this app. This way you can also analyse your personal chemistry when you are now "connected" with each other.

The app also has a powerful function – to calculate the PassionIndex, i.e. to examine how well a match there is between someone's personality and a job, a culture, or a person. This can provide good guidance before decisions – How to deal with X?

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